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 Amiga User 5 is available on paper and as eBook edition
 AmigaOS 4 every day in stock again!
 Worthy - new Amiga from PixelGlass
 AMIGA OS 3.1 - Volume Two

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07.11.2018: New book bundles
In the Operating systems section you can buy new bundles with digital edition of the AMIGA OS 3.1 books, at a lower prices.
25.10.2018: Amiga User 5
We begin shipping the latest issue of the Amiga User magazine! You will find in it, among other things, a review of the AmigaOS 3.1.4 system update, as well as overview of games created especially for the Amiga. The digital edition will be available for download after this weekend.
19.10.2018: Komoda & Amiga plus #11
The latest issue of the Komoda & Amiga Plus magazine is now available. This time you can read, among other things, overview of racing games, the history of the Tower of Rumble game for Commodore 64 and interview with Jason Mackenzie.
15.10.2018: Thank you!
Thank you for visiting our stand at RetroKomp 2018! We were very pleased to meet interesting people and talk about our favorite computers, Congratulations to the tournament winners in the game Worthy, it was not easy to win. At the same time, we would like to inform you that due to organizational reasons on 15-16 October we will respond more slowly to your emails. Everything goes back to normal state from Wednesday.
13.10.2018: We invite you to Gdansk!
RetroKomp 2018 party is already taking place today! We invite you to our stand, where you can, among other things, buy our items at promotional prices, as well as play Worthy and Solid Gold games! Adam Zalepa will lecture on the use of the famous Rasbperry Pi in the retro world and the beginning of his publishing activity. There will also be a confrontation of Amiga 1200 with Atari Falcon. It`s really worth to be with us in Gdansk this weekend!
01.10.2018: Amiga User 5/2018
The new Amiga User issue will be available from 25 October! This time, we write about, among others: a new update of the AmigaOS 3 system, SASI and SCSI disk controllers, as well as games created especially for the Amiga. Also, check the new subscriptions!
11.09.2018: AMIGA E - Programming base
New English book will be available in November! This time it will focus on programming in Amiga E language. The series was created for people who want to easily write programs or games for their favorite computer. All details can be found here.
22.08.2018: AMIGA OS 3.1 - Volume Two
Shipping the paper book AMIGA OS 3.1 - Volume Two has started! See the table of contents on this page. Also, you can buy eBook edition in lower price.
08.08.2018: Amiga User - new subsciptions
Check out new subscription options for the Amiga User magazine. This way, you can save up to 30% of the price! Next issue of the magazine will be available in October.
31.07.2018: Shipping the Worthy
Thank you for your huge interest in the Worthy game! At the same time, please note that packaging and shipping of all copies must take a longer time. Don`t worry, all parcels will reach you soon. We plan to finish shipping by the end of next week. Of course, all the time we give you all information via e-mail.
13.07.2018: Free add-on in boxed edition of Worthy
We`re already shipping the Worthy game! We add extra A3 poster to all boxed edition orders. We remind you that the game is also available in a cheaper digital version.
04.07.2018: Amiga User 4/2018
This month new issue of Amiga User magazine will be released! You will read about AmiBerry emulator, Vampire cards, chess games, system modification utilities and many more topics! Details are available on the product page.
15.06.2018: Worthy - brand new game by PixelGlass is now available
PixelGlass proudly presents the game Worthy! Assume the role of a fearless boy and collect the required number of diamonds in each stage in order to win the girl`s heart! We have 40 action packed levels with superb 32 color pixel art and lovely music! Digital version is now available, boxed edition will be shipped in July. Enjoy!
06.06.2018: AMIGA OS 3.1 - Volume Two
The book AMIGA OS 3.1 - Volume Two will be available at the end of June! Check the table of contents on this page. You can order paper book (500 pages, hardback) or eBook edition in lower price.
15.05.2018: MorphOS - Volume One
The shipment of paper books MorphOS - Volume One is in progress. Check the table of contents and eBook edition.
10.05.2018: Komoda & Amiga plus #10
The latest issue of the Komoda & Amiga plus magazine is now available! This time you will read about football games for C64, Sam`s Journey and a lots of other interesting topics.
06.05.2018: May Day Sale: the discount valid until tomorrow
The weekend is still going on, and we continue the discount until tomorrow. 20% off on all items - don`t miss it!
25.04.2018: ASSEMBLER - Programming base
The eBook Assembler - Programming base is available for download. Check the table of contents. Paper edition of the book will be sent in about 10 working days.
19.04.2018: Amiga User 3/2018
Check out the latest issue of the Amiga User magazine. This time we write about the ARMIGA emulator, creating 3D landscapes, Amithlon installation, as well as the latest version of MorphOS system. The new issue will be available in a week!
AMIGA OS 3.1 Volume One
AMIGA OS 4.1 Emulation
Amiga User 2/2018
Tanks Furry (Amiga CD+dysk, BOX)
AMIGA OS 3.9 User's manual
AMOS Programming base