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17.04.2018: MorphOS - Volume One
The MorphOS - Volume One eBook is now available. You can also buy paper edition bundled with free eBook! Paper books will be sent later. We also prepare the second volume of the manual. More information soon!
13.04.2018: New releases
Check out the new section where you can find announcements of our next releases. You can always check the release dates on product pages (in Availability entry). And in a few days we will give more information about new books!
02.04.2018: Directory Opus book and AmiKit X bundle
Buy Directory Opus book and get AmiKit X discount coupon! You can get 10 euros and enjoy real modern retro experience. AmiKit is a powerful AmigaOS3.x emulation kit with almost 400 programs and games. Directory Opus is included as desktop replacement. This offer is valid only till 4th April.
31.03.2018: Happy Easter!
We wish you a very Happy Easter that is filled with plenty of love and happiness.
29.03.2018: MorphOS User`s Guide - Volume One
The first volume of the MorphOS operating system manual will be available in a week. We will release the eBook version and then the paper edition. By buying paper book you will get access to e-book for free. See the table of contents!
20.03.2018: New subscription with discount up to 30%
Brand new subscription options for the Amiga User magazine are now available. Now you can choose the subscription duration on one page.Get a discount of up to 30%!
04.03.2018: Amiga User 3/2018
We proudly present new issue of Amiga User magazine! This time you will read about ARMIGA in pratical use, 3D landscape generation programs, the most useful programs on Aminet, multimedia learning and many more! By ordering a paper edition you will receive an e-book for free or you can order it separately in the lower price. The magazine will be available in April.
24.02.2018: Directory Opus 5 with AmiKit X discount coupons
Thank you for pre-ordering Directory Opus 5 manual! Now we prepared special offer for you - free shipping, free e-books and bundles with AmiKit X discount coupons worth 5 euros or 10 euros. Please take a look into the new DOpus section to get your own discount! (valid until 10 March)
20.02.2018: Directory Opus 5 manual
Directory Opus 5 manual in English as e-book is now available. The book has a volume of 460 pages and discusses the program from basics to the possibility of using AmigaDOS function and ARexx scripting language. Paper edition will be available next week.
15.02.2018: Books about AmigaOS 4 in lower prices
The books AmigaOS 4.1 emulation and AmigaOS 4 every day are now available at a lower prices!
25.01.2018: AMIGA OS 3.1 - Volume Two
We present next English book about AmigaOS 3.1 release. In the Volume Two we will find topics related to expanding the system capabilities, changing the user interface appearance, data compression with various programs, using many file systems, creation of installation scripts, AmigaGuide documents, and many more. The book will be available in the second quarter of 2018, you can order paper or e-book edition at a lower price.
11.01.2018: ASSEMBLER - Programming base
In the second quarter of 2018 a new book about programming in Assembler will be released. This is the third item from the "Programming base" series. The book is also available as e-book at a lower price.
08.01.2018: Amiga User 2/2018
New issue of Amiga User magazine will be available from January 20. On the product page you can find the table of contents. The magazine has 90 pages printed in full color, you can order the paper edition or e-book. The e-book is included to the paper version for free.
01.01.2018: Happy New Year 2018
We wish you in New Year all the best, happiness, prosperity and health. May all your dreams come true!
30.12.2017: BLITZ BASIC - Programming base
The book about programming in Blitz Basic is now available as e-book. This item explaines how to write applications, includes basics, possibilities of making system compatible programs, chipset support and more. Paper edition will be sent in about a week.
29.12.2017: AMIGA OS 3.1-3.9 books in the bundle
The books about AmigaOS 3.1 and 3.9 you can buy in the bundle with -20% discount. This is complete manual for AmigaOS 3 users. The items are also available separately, please visit Operating Systems section.
28.12.2017: AMIGA OS 4.1 - emulation
The book AmigaOS 4 emulation is available again on paper. You can also order e-book edition in special lower price.
24.12.2017: Merry Christmas!
With Christmas come faith, hope, and love. We wish all these things for you and your family during the holiday season.
21.12.2017: Christmas discount
Christmas is coming and we have a new promotion for you. At December 20-27 we reduce the price of all items by 10%! The discount does not depend of the quantity of ordered products and the value of your order. We send parcels all the time with a break on 25 and 26 December. In addition, the prices of many products have been lowered even more. Check out the new offer!
19.12.2017: Komoda & Amiga plus #9
The new issue of "K&A plus" magazine in English is now available! This time we can read interviews with Roman Werner, David Pleasance, Gaetano Chiummo and many, many more. The magazine is printed in full colour and it has 82 pages. More information on the product card.
17.12.2017: Amiga User 2/2018 in January
New issue of Amiga User magazine is coming. This time we can find articles about file managers, audio editing software, creating localization files and many more. Full table of contents will be available in the end of December.
07.12.2017: Amiga User - new subscriptions
The new subscriptions of Amiga User magazine are available now. Please take a look into the options, for 2 issues and 4 issues. Each issue contains 90 pages printed in full color on chalk paper.
27.11.2017: Amiga User 0/2017 is available again
The Amiga User 0 is again available on stock. In this issue you will find articles about MaxonCAD, Hollywood, E-UAE and and many more. The magazine is printed in full colour. By ordering a paper edition you will receive an e-book for free or you can order it separately in the lower price.
10.11.2017: Directory Opus 5 - the book and Boxed Edition
We present English edition of Directory Opus 5 user`s manual. The book provides a detailed description of the operation and configuration of DOpus 5, along with Magellan, Magellan II, and latest version 5.9.

There is also available boxed edition with DOpus 5 on CD, floppies and many extras. See details of the collector`s edition.
07.11.2017: Lower prices for books
This week we have for you the books at lower prices. Please take a look new prices, especially for the following items: AMIGA OS 3.9 User`s manual, AMIGA OS 4 every day, AMIGA OS 3.1 Volume One. The offer is valid until November 11th.
04.11.2017: Mail server failure
Today our mail server had problems with sending messages. If you did not receive the order confirmation made yesterday or today (3.11-4.11) - please send us email to The problem was resolved, but it occured for several hours. We`re sorry for the inconvenience.
31.10.2017: Amiga User 1/2017 e-book
E-book edition of the new issue of Amiga User magazine is now available. It`s 90 pages about our favourite Amiga, printed in full color. Enjoy the contents.
25.10.2017: RetroKomp/Load Error 2017
Thank you for visiting our stand at RetroKomp/Load Error event in Gdansk. Our offer was interesting for guests from Poland as well as from abroad. This was a time for many interesting discussions. Congratulations to all the participants and the winners. See you!
18.10.2017: New AudioCD by Rafał „LIV” Lipiński
In our offer you will find the latest AudioCD by Rafał "LIV" Lipiński, made in 2017. It is compilation of EPs: "Memories from Tokyo" and "Glimpses of time horizon", as well as six additional bonus tracks. It`s 16 tracks and about 60 minutes of great music. You can order it here.
16.10.2017: RetroKomp/Load Error week
The next edition of RetroKomp/Load Error event will take place in a few days! This week we have a special offer for you. Discounts from 10% up to 30%! The discount increases with quantity of the items and value of the order. Just order any two items or more and check your cart. Don`t miss this offer!
13.10.2017: AMIGA OS 3.1 - Volume One
Shipping of the book AMIGA OS 3.1 Volume One is in progress. Please be patient, all packages will reach you soon. In this series will be released two more volumes, at a later date.
06.10.2017: MorphOS - Operating System User`s Guide
We present the first volume of the MorphOS manual in English. The author discusses the use of the system, from basics as booting from a CD, through the installation and configuration of all important components, to the expansion with new features for everyday using. The next volume will also discuss software not included in the system CD. This book will be available in January 2018, on paper and as e-book edition.
02.10.2017: Blitz Basic - programming base
This Thursday the e-book edition of new book Blitz Basic - programming base (in Polish) will be available. We are also working on the English edition which will be available in December.
21.09.2017: AMIGA OS 3.1 - Volume One
The first volume of the AMIGA OS 3.1 book will be available in next 5 days. Access to the e-book edition will be sent in email messages, files will also be available for download from your profile when logged in. In this series will be published two more volumes. We will give you details about next English books soon.
06.09.2017: Amiga User 1/2017
We present a new issue of the Amiga User magazine. In 1/2017 we write about math programs, database management, file recovery, hard disk install in Amiga 500 and more. The magazine can now be ordered for a subscription of 2 issues or 4 issues at a much lower price. The magazine will be published once every 3 months, the next issue will be available in October.
04.09.2017: Discounts for September
We have a new month and we offer books at lower prices - paper editions of the following titles: AMOS programming base, AmigaOS 3.9 users manual and AmigaOS 4 every day. Now you can buy it even up to 5 euro cheaper! This offer is valid until Wednesday (6.09).
29.08.2017: Commodore still ready
Along with the K&A issue #8 you will get the Commodore Still Ready poster in A2 format. Now you can buy it separately.
23.08.2017: Changes on our website
We have made changes to our shop. A new Subscriptions section has been created, where you can order magazines at a lower price. When ordering, you can now also choose faster delivery through Global Express. More improvements will be forthcoming soon.
04.08.2017: Komoda & Amiga plus #8
The new issue of "K&A plus" magazine will be available in a week. See the English edition! Along with the issue #8 you will get the "Commodore Still Ready" poster in A2 format.
02.08.2017: Komoda & Amiga plus
We extended our offer - a new magazine Komoda & Amiga plus is available. The magazine is dedicated to retro gaming culture and articles are usually focused around releases published on the Commodore home computers. You can order Polish and English edition.
21.07.2017: Lumberjack Reloaded: Digital edition
Digital edition of the Lumberjack game is available! Now you can buy it as an ADF file or ADF+ISO - Silver or Gold editions. Support the authors of this great game!
AMIGA OS 3.1 Volume One
AMIGA OS 4.1 Emulation
Amiga User 2/2018
Tanks Furry (Amiga CD+dysk, BOX)
AMIGA OS 3.9 User's manual
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