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Amiga 500 - step by step
We are working on another book about the most famous Amiga 500! The author gathered the most important information about this model. We will learn how to use the capabilities of system 1.3, how to expand the "five hundred" and how to use peripheral devices, including monitors and printers. In addition, we will look through the history of the most interesting games, demos and programs useful to every Amiga user.

The book is printed in color, and a CD with the described software is included.
New section: SALE
We have added a new section on our website. In the SALE section you will find books and magazines that are not intended for reprinting and there are few copies available on paper. To buy them you have to hurry up, because later only digital versions will be available (this does not apply to all items).

We also remind you that shipping international packages to some countries is still delayed due to the coronavirus threat.
Atari Fan #1 English Edition
The first issue of Atari Fan magazine in English is available! This is a magazine for users of various Atari computers. In this issue you will find, among others: an interview with Rodolphe Czuba, Jay Miner - a difficult question for Commodore, web browsers for Atari ST, TT and Falcon, MP3 for Atari STE and many other interesting articles. The magazine has 90 pages and is printed in full color.

Atari Fan is available only in paper edition. Shipping starts on Friday, September 25th.
The table of contents you can read here.
Forgotten Queen of Machines
New book about Amiga history is coming! The book presents the Amiga computers in the context of the computer market of the `80s and `90s, as well as the author`s personal views on the development of home computers. The author focuses on evaluating the evolution of the market and the importance of individual computers, advantages and disadvantages in relation to competitors. People associated with the history of this period of computer science are reminded, the most famous are Jay Miner and Jack Tramiel.

The book will be available in Q4 2020, on paper and as eBook edition.
Amiga User 10/2020
Check the details about the jubilee edition of Amiga User magazine! You can read articles about multimedia software for all Amigas, Great Valley Products expansions, Workbench Add-ons (including WB 1.3), X10 remote control standard, useful network tools, railroad games and many more!

New subscription options are also available!
The paper edition is now shipping.
Games for Commodore 64
Check out the new section containing games for the famous C64! Currently you can find there floppies prepared by the editors of K&A plus magazine. Among the available productions are Tower of Rubble, Micro Hexagon, Bruce Lee - Refurn of Fury, Powerglove, Flappy Bird, Bomberman and many more.
Wordworth 7 - User`s manual is coming!
Another book in English is in preparation! This time it will be about Wordworth 7. The author presents how to effectively use the basic and advanced functions of the program. In addition, the issues of printing, data transfer, text correction and other everyday activities are discussed. Some functions are explained together with the use of additional software extending the capabilities of Wordworth. The book will be printed in full colour!

PLEASE NOTE: You can order a paper version or an eBook edition. It will be available in October 2020.
New information on order processing
The post office is beginning to accept international shipments, so we already send parcels to Germany. Next week we will prepare parcels to other countries, including Belgium and Finland. Please have patience and understanding, the situation changes almost from day to day. We will provide you with further information after the weekend. Thank you!

UPDATE: We keep shipping international parcels to the most european countries, including United Kingdom. We send you tracking numbers in e-mails.
Komoda & Amiga plus issue #15
The new issue of K&A Plus is now available! You can read about AmigaOne X5000, Commodore 64 emulation on Nintendo Wii, practical use of Raspberry Pi 4, the book Commodore: A Company on the Edge as well as many games including Pumpkid, Timezone, Rygar AGA and Captive.
Important information about shipments
Due to the restrictions on the operation of the Post Office, international parcels will be sent with a delay. This is related to the coronavirus emergency in Poland, in particular the suspension of many of the air routes carrying parcels. We will keep you informed of changes.
Changing the rules for reprinting books and magazines
Due to the increasing number of printed items, we have decided to sort out the issue of reprints of books and magazines. Each new item joins the queue of items requiring printing. The list of awaiting titles becomes very long, which makes frequent visits to the printing house necessary - even every few days. The issue could be solved by increasing the number of copies, but this requires freezing funds for a longer period of time, and we want to keep doing new things for you.

That`s why we have come up with a solution that should be optimal for us all. Reprinting will be done several times a year, and for items that are not in stock the date of the expected reprint will be shown. We hope that the introduced change will not only improve our work, but above all, it will give you clear information when to expect delivery of ordered products.
Amiga User 9/2020
What about new Amiga User magazine issue? It will be released in March! You will read about Amiga FPGA clones, installing CD-ROM device inside A1200 case, scandoublers for Amiga, Amikit Crystal USB and other things. The issue will also include a report from the Amiga34 event in Neuss, where we had the opportunity to present our products and talk to many interesting people.

Please note that Amiga User 8 Special Edition with extras is still available. Click here for details.
RetroKomp 2/2020 English
The new issue of RetroKomp magazine in English will be released in February. This time you can read articles about Raspberry Pi1541 floppy emulator to Commodore 64, CAD 3D design on Atari ST, the basics for building your own FPGA computer and many more!

All details you can find on this product page.
Komoda & Amiga plus issue #14
The latest issue of Komoda & Amiga magazine is already in stock! You`ll find reviews of Lala Prologue, Super Mario Bros C64 and Skill Grid, articles about war games on Commodore 64 and A6095 memory expansion, as well as interviews with Henrik Stengaard and Instant Remedy.
Deluxe Paint book is available now
You can now download the digital edition of the Deluxe Paint book! The author discusses versions 3, 4 and 5, with particular focus on features for ECS and AGA chipsets.

Also, the paper edition is shipped now.
RetroKomp English edition subscription
The next issue of RetroKomp magazine in English will be released soon. Like other magazines, you can order subscriptions from 2 to 8 next issues. You can find all details on the new subscription page.
Amiga34 party is over
Thank you very much for visiting our stand at Amiga34 in Neuss! We met many interesting people, we had many talks about Amiga and our future releases in English and German. The event brought many novelties, including: MorphOS system on AMD64 platform, Vampire V4 Stand Alone devices and presentation of Warp turbo cards with 060/100 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM and many add-ons (RTG modes, MP3 decoder and others). See you at the next party!

See the photos from Amiga34. The full report will be published in the next issue of Amiga User magazine.

Amiga User Special Edition for Amiga34
We present a special issue of Amiga User magazine! This is a two-language edition in English and German, which will be available on Amiga34 event in Neuss. This issue contains many extras, including: CoverCD with utility software, Rescue Disk, Amiga Disk labels for floppies and key lanyard. Shipping will begin in mid-October.

Order Amiga User Special Edition now!
We launched our own YouTube channel
Watch the first movie on our YouTube channel (with English subtitles)! Adam Zalepa will talk about his passion for retro computers as well as show hardware and software. Additionally, on the channel you will see what our publications look like. In the first episode Adam mentioned RetroKomp magazine, Worthy game and accessories for Commodore 64.

Next videos will be released on a monthly basis. Leave your feedback on YouTube!
Komoda & Amiga plus #13
The latest issue of the K&A plus magazine is now available! This time you will read, among other things, reviews of the following games: Yoomp! 64, Alien Invasion, Tenebra Macabre, Barbarian+, The Settlers, Tiger Claw, Bridge Strike, Pong 4k, Trap Runner, as well as interviews with: Carl-Henrik Skarstedt, Gunnar Kristjansson, Roy Widding, Volker Wertich. More information on the product page.
Amiga NG issue (6) is coming
Looking for information about NG systems? Check out the next issue of Amiga NG magazine! This time you will read about the AmiCygnix package, liquid cooling in PowerMac G5, using joypad in AROS and comparison WinUAE to MorphOS.

This magazine can be ordered on paper or digital edition.
New issue of RetroKomp magazine
The new issue of RetroKomp magazine in English is available! You will find here articles about ZX Spectrum clones, computers used in Lithuania, data compression on Commodore, 3D games on Atari ST/STE, raytracing on Amiga 500 and many others.

You can order this magazine on paper or as cheaper digital edition.
MorphOS - Volume Two
eBook MorphOS - Volume Two is now available for download! The book contains an overview of the advanced features of the MorphOS system. This is the second item in the series, the first volume was published in 2018. The paper edition is shipping now.
Amiga User 7/2019
The new issue of Amiga User magazine will be published soon! You can read about using Basic in startup-sequence file, tips and tricks in AMOS, as well as creating three-dimensional fonts. As usual, the magazine can be ordered in a digital or paper edition. All details you can read here.

This issue is available now!

Pong 4K - brand new game for Amiga AGA
In June another new game will be released! This time it will be a new version of the famous classic hit, in a futuristic design. The game is very dynamic, has an animated intro in HAM mode, and during the game AudioCD tracks are played.

Pong 4K awarded third place in GameDev competition at the RetroKomp party in Gdansk. Amiga with AGA chips is required, the game also works on an standard CD32 console. There is available boxed edition with poster or digital edition at a lower price.

Game is now available! See the details of the boxed edition
New tool - GoADF!
We proudly present a brand new program designed to support ADF files! With this program you can not only write floppy disk images, but also browse file contents, mount virtual drives, create file collections, read detailed information about floppy disk images, and much more. By purchasing any option of Amiga User subscription you can buy GoADF! with a discount of 30%!
AMIGA OS 3.9 book in stock again
The book about AMIGA OS 3.9 is available again in paper version! New edition has been printed on chalk paper that provides better print quality. All details can be read here.

Click to see table of contents and sample pages!
AMIGA NG issue (5) is available
eBook editon of new AMIGA NG magazine in English is downloadable! Paper edition will be shipped from next week onwards. The magazine has 64 pages and it`s printed in full colour. All details you can find on the product page.
Bridge Strike - new game by Project R3D
We present the new game by Project R3D! Get behind the controls of our plane and fight for peace. You are our last hope! Bridge Strike is available in CD and floppy edition. To the full set we include a poster in A3 format.

The game awarded second place in the Game Competition competition at the RetroKomp event in Gdańsk. Bridge Strike is available now!

You can also order the digital edition with extras - see details here!
Komoda & Amiga plus issue #12
The new issue of K&A Plus magazine is now available. In this issue you will find, among other things, game reviews: Planet X2, Portal, Blastopia, Worthy, Alar City, Flashback, articles: Retro bubble, Talking Heads: Do we actually play retro games, Psygnosis Demoscene history of Wacek, part II, as well as interviews: Derek Morris, Tim Wright, Paolo Besser.
AMIGA OS 3.1 Volume Three
The new book about AMIGA OS 3.1 is now available as eBook edition. You can download files from your profile page. Also, we send the paper version. Table of contents of the Volume Three can be read here.

Check out sample pages of this book!
MorphOS - Volume Two
A new book about MorphOS will be released soon! It contains an overview of the advanced features of the MorphOS system. This is the second item in the series, the first volume was published in 2018. Details of the new book, including table of contents, can be found here.
Amiga User 6/2019
The latest issue of Amiga User magazine is now available! You can download the new eBook from your profile page. In this issue you will find: hardware expansions for all Amigas, top 10 LCD monitors, reading Not-DOS floppies, making 2D and 3D charts and many more! Paper edition will be shipped starting next week.
New book: Deluxe Paint
We continue the series about the best programs for Amiga! The next book deals with the legendary Deluxe Paint. Versions 3, 4 and 5 will be discussed, with particular focus on features for ECS and AGA chipsets. The author presents not only the individual functions of the editor, but also discusses graphic and animation techniques with many examples. For the first time, the book will be available in two language editions at the same time! More details you can find here.
Get your collection!
You can buy our software in large cardboard boxes, which not only look nice on the shelf, but above all, they protect the content from damage. We send the parcels in additional boxes which guarantee safe delivery.

Full offer can be found in the GAMES and TOOLS sections.
Amiga NG - new magazine
Wanna use AmigaOS 4, MorphOS or AROS? We have something new for you! We present English edition of Amiga NG magazine, dedicated for Next Generation related systems. In latest issue you can find, among other things, podcasting in Audio Evolution, programming in AmigaOS, iBook as Amiga laptop and interview with Paolo Besser. Check out the product page!
RetroKomp 0 - English edition
We start shipping the English edition of RetroKomp magazine! In this issue you will find: multicolored graphics on ZX Spectrum, transferring data to Commodore 64, wireless disk drive for Atari, games for Apple II and many more! All details are available on the product page. Please note that eBook edition will be downloadble from next Thursday.
Books about AmigaOS 4 in lower prices
The books AmigaOS 4.1 emulation and AmigaOS 4 every day are now available at a lower prices!
Amiga User 6/2019
We present new issue of Amiga User! This time we write, among others, about hardware expansions for any Amiga model, make 10 LCD monitors test, try to read Not-DOS floppies and many more. As usual, the magazine is available on paper or eBook edition. You can read all details here.
AMIGA OS 3.1 Volume Three
In the first quarter of next year, new book about AMIGA OS 3.1 will be released! This time the author focuses on more advanced operations with supporting hardware components and more. You can read more details here. The book will be available on paper and as eBook edition. Also, you can order new bundle in lower price.
AMIGA E paper books shipping
We started shipping new English books about programming in AMIGA E language. eBook edition is available from 2 weeks. Please note that delivery time depends on your country.
RetroKomp - new magazine in English
We present brand new magazine RetroKomp. It is dedicated for users of all retro platforms. Check out details here! The magazine is available on paper and as eBook edition. The issue 0 will be avaiable in January 2019.
Amiga User - new subscriptions
Check out the new Amiga User magazine subscription options! Today and tomorrow you can buy subscription in a special offer, with additional discount.
Amiga User 5
We begin shipping the latest issue of the Amiga User magazine! You will find in it, among other things, a review of the AmigaOS 3.1.4 system update, as well as overview of games created especially for the Amiga. The digital edition will be available for download after this weekend.
Komoda & Amiga plus #11
The latest issue of the Komoda & Amiga Plus magazine is now available. This time you can read, among other things, overview of racing games, the history of the Tower of Rumble game for Commodore 64 and interview with Jason Mackenzie.
MorphOS - Volume One
The MorphOS - Volume One eBook is now available. You can also buy paper edition bundled with free eBook! Paper books will be sent later. We also prepare the second volume of the manual. More information soon!
Directory Opus 5 manual
Directory Opus 5 manual in English as e-book is now available. The book has a volume of 460 pages and discusses the program from basics to the possibility of using AmigaDOS function and ARexx scripting language. Paper edition will be available next week.

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